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Graphic design

              • PRINT ADVERTIZING – logos, business cards, fliers, posters, menus, brochures, catalogues, vinyls, billboards, PVC cards, labels, stickers, invitations, folders, CD jackets, vehicle branding, printing on textile, canvas pictures, office advertising materials, phone cases etc.
              • ONLINE ADVERTIZING – banners for websites, designs for social networks and so on.

Digital Marketing

              • FACEBOOK MARKETING – creating, personalizing and managing of Facebook business pages;
              • INSTAGRAM MARKETING – creating, personalizing and managing of Instagram business accounts;
              • Е-MAIL MARKETING – carrying out of MailChimp e-mail campaigns;
              • ADVERTIZING ON GOOGLE – developing and implementing of advertising campaigns on Google Adwords;
              • WEB DEVELOPMENT – developing, optimizing and maintaining company websites and online shops;
              • ONLINE STRATEGIES – developing and applying long-term strategies for online marketing and advertising;
              • BUDGETING – detailed targeting to specific audiences of users; monitoring and optimization;
              • COPYWRITING – writing PR texts, news sections, media publications, blog articles;
              • CREATIVE – developing bannes for websites, designs for social networks etc.;

Photography and Videography

                    • FOOD – culinary photo shoots of dishes for menus, preparation process;
                    • INTERIORS – interior photo shoots; 360-degree panoramic photos or videos of the “virtual tour” type;
                    • FASHION – photographing clothes, shoes and accessories intended for electronic commerce;
                    • IMAGE – lifestyle and image photo shoots and video clips of celebrities, influencers etc.;
                    • PRODUCTS – studio product photo shoots and video clips intended for advertising;
                    • BUSINESSS EVENTS – capturing of corporate events; teambuilding and company parties.
                    • MUSIC EVENTS – club photography; photo and video capturing of concerts and festivals;
                    • SPORT EVENTS – reporting from sport events, training, interviews;
                    • PERSONAL EVENTS – engagements; photo shoots for expecting women; couples in love; hen and stag parties;
                    • FAMILY CELEBRATIONS – weddings, baptism, kids’ birthdays, anniversaries, school / university graduation balls;

Event Management

              • Overall concept, coordination, organization of the event and putting it into effect;
              • Providing an entertainment program as per your requirements (DJ, music performers, MCs, stand-up comedians, dancers, entertainers, clowns, magicians etc.);
              • Creating and assembling decors and ornamentation according to your preferences;
              • Selection of venue – we can offer you various venues to host your parties as well assistance with renting them;
              • Ordering food – catering, preparing individual menus, food delivery, bespoke wedding cakes, custom-made trendy cakes and muffins, biscuits branded with logos, etc.;
              • Full assistance with finding and hiring photographers, video operators, florists etc.
              • Full assistance with finding and renting: equipment (cocktail tables, chairs, marquees, table cloths, covers, ribbons, crockery, glassware and cutlery), photo booths, light and sound equipment, periphery, DJ equipment, multimedia, stage sets, special stage effects (pyro systems, smoke machines, confetti cannons, foam cannons, wind machines, fire machines, soap bubbles machines and so on);
              • Full assistance with finding and renting rental limos, sport cars, retro cars etc.

Clothing and Brand Creation

                • Free of charge consultation on the project you intend to start;
                • Carrying out a market research and setting up an action plan;
                • Effective and profitable allocation of your budget;
                • Developing the graphic design and branding – creating a complete vision, logo and design of your brand; designing a future fashion collection;
                • Selecting suitable fabrics – our fabrics distributors’ network offers a vast range of materials with different texture, thickness, colours and quality;
                • Creating patterns and pattern grading for your clothes;
                • – Sewing and manufacturing of clothes (T-shirts, tank tops, sweatshirts, shirts, blouses, jackets, jeans, sports leggings, track bottoms, trunk , swimming costumes, hats, socks and other accessories. Our facilities are available to respond to various client needs – from the manufacturing of small batches to large quantities;
                • Printing on textile – screen printing, digital printing, sublimation, transfer printing;
                • High-quality embroidery on clothes;
                • Organising product and image photo shoots;
                • Offering a platform to sell and distribute your ready collections (the official online shop of our partners from 1INMIND Original – or developing your company online shop;
                • A full range of advertising services – online and printed advertisement, photo and video capture, influencer marketing.

Interior Design

              • INTERIOR VISUALIZATION – Whether you are an owner with a vision in your mind or an interior designer who wants the most realistic visualization, we can build it with high precision and impressive realism. We save you time, nerves and money in the process. Because tests in the real world are quite expensive.
              • EXTERIOR VISUALIZATION – visualize your construction projects in their natural environment. whether it is a downtown office building or a summer house at the foot of a mountain.
              • PRODUCT VISUALIZATION – We know perfectly well that impressive design sells, with our visualizations you have complete control over your product and the environment in which it is located. We offer product design that meets your requirements, budget and expectations.
              • VIRTUAL WALK VR & AR EXPERIENCES – Thanks to virtual reality devices or smartphone applications, we can deliver stereoscopic images combined with applications that can allow you to test the location of furniture, distances, sensation, distances, from a completely human perspective and space in your project.
              • PRODUCTION OF CAD DRAWINGS AND DOCUMENTATION – development of preliminary 2D project, drawing of working drawings and cutting for furniture production.