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360 ° panoramic images – Part 2

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360 ° panoramic images – Part 2

Why are 360º panoramas needed and how will they help your business?


The pros of the service:
• The 360º panoramas will bring you new customers! The presence in Street View provides you with a powerful channel to contact directly any potential customers. As per a survey of Google, the 360-degree virtual tours double the interest to a given business. Yes, that’s right. Twice more customers would book your eatery, bar or hotel after they see 360-degree panoramas of your establishment. For example, in case of the 18- to 34-year olds, the probability that they will visit your business in person on the basis of viewing a virtual tour is 130% greater. At the start of 2020, the 360-degree tours are definitely the fastest and most efficient way to showcase your business to your potential customers.


• Street View is a project of Google which on its own evokes security, attention and is a guarantee of success. Millions of internet users use Google daily to search for information. The virtual tour is hosted on Google’s servers and is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year. It is accessible all over the world, works on all types of devices (desktops, laptops, smart phones, tablets) and will be automatically included in the related new future Google products.


• The 360º panoramas will improve the positioning of your business in Google search – Google improves the visibility of websites that carry accurate and useful information to the internet users. The virtual tours achieve exactly that – they show your actual business. The statistics clearly and unequivocally points out to the significant increase in traffic to websites using virtual tours. People learn about you from all related tools on Google My Business – Google search, Google Maps and Google +.


• The 360º panoramic tours build trust – they guarantee that what the users see is what they will get when they reach the destination. The 360° panoramic tours impart the feeling of security in their users and this respectively affects the decision to book or buy. Studies show that as a consequence of the built trust the users are twice more inclined to visit your establishment in comparison to an establishment that has advertised with the help of classical photos!


• Your business will stand out in Google Maps and during Google searches and also your customers will find you and reach you easily and quickly with the help of the directions on Google Maps. We believe that photos of this type display each place in a unique manner and arouse curiosity, while the combination with Google Street View makes the establishment easy to locate, regardless of where in the world you are and which destination you want to view virtually. Through the virtual tours, you allow your potential clients to see your precise location on the map, to feel the ambience and to see your business “from inside” before they visit you in person.


• Including your business in Google Street View is not an expense, it’s an investment! This is an efficient and modern advertising method that more and more businesses are turning to each day. Google is the chief search engine that we all use. Everyone is doing their best to be featured there and to stand out in the best possible way. Keep up to date, follow the trends and do not let the competition overtake you!


Where can they be used?


• The complete 360-degree tour may be featured in your profile in Google. The establishment will appear on the Google search engine, the Google+ profile of your establishment and on Google maps, Streetview 360°. If you have no Google account (Google My Business), or it has not been confirmed, we will assist you free of charge.


• You can upload your 360-degree tour to the Facebook page of your establishment.


• You can integrate the 360-degree tour in the website of your establishment – thus your establishment may be viewed in the same manner in which it can also be seen on Google. What’s more – placing the 360-degree tour in your site will keep the users there longer and this is crucial for the positioning of your website on Google.


• The virtual tours may also be incorporated in other websites of your partners (in websites for group shopping, in tour operator websites and so on). The tour stored for real on Google 360° may be uploaded to nearly all websites where you present your establishment.


• The panoramic images may be used for high-quality printing for your hardcopy materials – billboards, posters, calendars, brochures, catalogues etc.


The Click-Shot advertising agency offers to capture 360º panoramas of: eateries, bars, cafes and similar, hotels, guest houses, supermarkets, shops, boutiques, shopping malls, businesses with extensive shopping floors, offices, studios, sport centers, beauty salons, gyms, SPA centers, swimming pools, aquaparks, entertainment centers, playgrounds, casinos, show rooms as well as private estates. Please do not hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions or require assistance. Contact us and ask for your free-of-charge consultation. Let us create together a better brand identity of your business.