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360 ° panoramic images – Part 1

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360 ° panoramic images – Part 1

360° Panoramas and 360° Virtual Tours
Forget how you have perceived the world until now! The virtual space now looks completely different and will never be the same. For years, Apple and Samsung have not stopped broadening and enlarging their mobile devices in an attempt to provide a larger picture to the users. Those at Facebook found out that it is far easier, with a single turn of the phone, to push its bounds. And they did this at the right time. With the advent of the virtual reality which in the last years has been developing at a breakneck pace, the 360-degree view provides the users with an opportunity for a more real experience in the virtual space.


What is the 360º panorama?
The virtual 360-degree panorama is your modern calling card! An interactive photo that we can “turn around” with the mouse and view the place – this is the latest hit in the social networks! The 360-degree panorama (3D panorama) is a virtual image which in contrast to the ordinary panoramic photo is intended to be viewed on a screen and offers more possibilities. The 360-degree panoramas are a contemporary and convenient way of spatially exhibiting interiors, exteriors, objects, features and processes. The dynamics of today’s everyday life requires from you to offer the clients an alternative solution that save them time and effort and at the same time allows them to access each detail. The 360º panorama transmits the real atmosphere to the users and makes them part of the picture. Every day, Google Street View presents to millions of web users a tremendous number of 360º panoramic images taken in thousands of cities, in a multitude of countries around the world. The participation in Google’s program allows you to position your hotel, restaurant or other business on Google and Google Maps and to win over many new customers.


What is the 360º virtual tour?
This is a virtual tour of your business incorporated directly in Google Maps, Google Search and Google Street View, or in your personal website. It facilitates your internet positioning and encourages people to visit you in person. This is a very effective and modern way of visually presenting your interior and exterior which helps the viewer get the most accurate idea of the place under consideration. The 360-degree virtual tour provides a clear interactive opportunity to the viewers to examine without bias the facilities and equipment of the captured venue. The 360° virtual tour is something more than photography. This is an experience for the users, literally transporting them to your establishment, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.


It is used at a wide range of businesses and is an exceptionally convenient way of offering visual information about a given physical site. The virtual tours are very appropriate for presenting hotels, restaurants, cafes, bars, real estate, shops, gyms, spa centers and so on. The virtual reality technology has been moving in at a swift rate in the world networks for hotel bookings and short-term real estate rentals. There has been enormous interest also on the part of real estate agencies. More and more often, they go for virtual tours to present quickly and easily to their potential clients any suitable real estate to rent or buy. The “virtual viewings” save lots of time and effort both to the brokers and to their clients.


The 360-degree capturing of the interior and exterior allows to emphasize certain features (furniture, suspended ceilings, shop windows, architectural details etc.). The product photography is also included in the application of the 360-degree capturing in order to provide the product with more perspective and visibility.