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Useful mobile applications – Part 1

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Useful mobile applications – Part 1

Аmount 2
The new version of the popular converter of measuring units adds one more function without damaging the app’s simple interface. Available are more than 700 measuring units in 30 categories allowing you an easy search among them.

Mextures provides an interesting way for the creative editing of photos. Here you have more than 150 textures to overlay your photos. They vary from “light leaks” through “grains of sands and seeds” to emulsion effects. You can add infinitely many layers with textures on your photos and also save any combination.

One of the most used software to edit and organise photos also has a marvellous mobile version. In it, you can process automatically the synchronised photos from all your devices with an installed version of the software. Afterwards, sharing on any social network could not have been easier.

DSCO , from the creators of VSCO, offers one of the simplest and easiest ways of creating and editing animated GIFs. The app offers several filters from the VSCO collections as well as an easy way to share. You can upload the images onto your VSCO profile or share them in the popular social networks.

At first glance, VSCOcam is yet another app to edit photos that comes with lots of filters and the option to buy more. The truth, however, is that here the filters are some of the most pleasant and high-quality, and the functions do not end here. The app has a function Journal for photo essays and Grid for your personal photo gallery.

The Bulgarian company for cloud services pCloud has a practical, quick and easy mobile app. When installing it, you receive a 20GB free space. Any files that you upload on the cloud are automatically synchronized across all your connected devices. There is an option for offline access to selected folders.

The Bulgarian – Danish app Swipes, nominated for the Webby prize, has one simple objective – to help you organise your tasks. The app achieves this by gathering all tasks and letting you quickly and easily order them by priorities. Thus, you have the freedom to work focusing on a single task.

Runtastic Results
It’s time for change! Create your own personalized 12-week training plan regardless of your degree of fitness. At your disposal, there are over 120 HD videos and tips for healthy eating and healthy lifestyle!

Story Maker
If you wish to showcase yourself or your brand in a creative manner in the social networks, then you will profit from this app! With Story Maker, you can quickly and easily create stories to share on your profile. Here at your disposal, you have a vast choice of templates that can be easily modified to achieve the desired result. They vary from festive (Happy New Year, Christmas, Birthday, Halloween) through seasonal (autumn, summer), nature (forest, ocean, desert) to interesting (glitch, brush, tranquil, elegant, vintage, roundel, candy and love) versions. The app allows you to add text, photos, stickers and backgrounds as well as to change the colours of given elements.

Snapseed is a complete and professional photo editor developed by Google. This is maybe the best app for photo processing. It is not accidental that more and more often the fans of mobile photography select Snapseed rather than the smartphone version of Photoshop. You can’t use Snapseed to add cat ears or dog noses to your photos, but you can transform them into genuine masterpieces. The app comes with tremendous possibilities to make every detail of your shot stand out. In addition to having a rich choice of effects at your disposal, you also have control over the white balance, tonal contrast, vignetting, rotating and cropping, straightening the horizon and perspective, detail enhancing, selective exposure adjustment, saturation, brightness or warmth, background blurring (bokeh), adding frames, double exposure, adding text, etc. It opens both JPG and RAW files. Even if your phone’s camera is not very good, your photos will definitely attract attention in the social networks after you edit them with Snapseed.

The fans of running for health have at their disposal a beautiful app with which to track their run, burned calories and itinerary on a map. Of course, they can share this with a friend “to burn doughnuts”.