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Click Shot Creative Studio – Team

We are a creative, ambitious, result-orientated and dynamic team with innovative thinking. A close-knit team composed of young, smiling, motivated and assertive talents brimming with energy and enthusiasm.
We have wide-ranging knowledge and experience in the field of graphic design, photography, video recording and digital marketing. Tireless, conscientious, always on the lookout for the new, the different, the remarkable. We treat our work with lots of love and responsibility. We take pride in a rich professional biography and outside-the-box thinking. We have grown up with the modern technologies and have mastered them to perfection. We dare to claim that we are experienced, bold and liberated young people with strong personalities, working with gusto and imagination.

Our goal is to deliver to the clients our unique advertising solutions where the quality and price walk hand in hand. Our creative team’s advantage consists in being composed of constructive talents with proven qualities, skills and professional experience in the field of advertising business which contributes to the versatility and fulness of our artistic ideas. Owing to our blessedly good preparation, professional self-esteem and expert operations, we offer to our clients all-in-one advertising service that takes into account the latest market trends and requirements.

Communicative, flexible, thinking globally and enterprising, we from Click-Shot are ready to be your new advertising partners. In our capacity as advertising experts, we are advocates of fresh and non-standard ideas leading to creative and engaging campaigns addressed to the maximal number of consumers. We are convinced that only the creative thought of our team freed from trivial solutions leads to high quality of the solutions we offer in the field of advertising. We have the courage to provoke with non-standard campaigns and do so. We offer to our clients state-of-the-art visual concepts that work.

The members of our team are constantly evolving their expertise and stay abreast with the latest trends and novelties in the business in order to best satisfy your requirements. We use contemporary technologies, media and knowledge that always allow us to propose innovative advertising and marketing solutions suited to the market demand and financial circumstances.

Our team is constantly evolving in parallel with the increasing number of our clients and the commitment to meet their needs and high standards. We do not spare our means, efforts and time. Instead, we invest in knowledge, skills and personal development at any convenient time. We attend specialised courses, master classes, seminars and public lectures, maintaining our level high. We keep up-to-date with innovations in the field of advertising – new technologies, new software versions, new advertising approaches and trends…

We are well aware that the Client invests and expects results. With time, we found out that the work is a mutual process and the best outcome requires that both parties are correct, patient, persistent and good at cooperation. By developing our relationships, we view the relation with the client as an innovative partnership. The commitment of collaboration and communication that we make is at the forefront.

The principal capital of Click-Shot creative studio is doubtless the competent team of specialists whose experience of many years in the field of advertising allows the high-quality creation of advertising concepts that facilitate the development of your business. Our professional approach permits us to execute within the shortest possible time even the most non-standard orders. Our team’s objective is the high-quality, timely and impeccable execution of every order we take. The team’s principle of collective responsibility makes our work high-quality and flexible in conformity with today’s dynamic market.

We from Click-Shot encourage the dynamic and talented people who are motivated to success and want to increase the value of a team. Click-Shot knows well that its most valuable asset are its employees and that is why we are constantly looking for opportunities to grow the team and develop the potential of our employees. Your talent and professionalism will not remain unnoticed if you join our team! At Click-Shot we duly value every skilled employee because we know that success depends on each and every one of us.

If you want to become part of the team of an advertising studio with an established image, a place where your opinion and ideas are appreciated, please email your CV to: