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Our mission is to create an effective and purposeful brand communication which will assist the businesses we serve in achieving maximal return on their investment in advertising. We focus on building up a long-term partnership with our clients by providing high-quality competitive services and excellent customer care that take into account our clients’ expectations and individual requirements. We believe that properly set up communications achieve real, measurable and long-term results. Our ambition is to introduce a fresh view and new workable ideas on the advertising market. We strive to be original, remarkable, efficient and creative in any situation, conceiving powerful advertising solutions and eye-catching design. We re-create your advertising messages in an effective and intriguing manner by using conspicuous and memorable visuals that engage the consumers’ attention. We are committed to the important task of being your trustworthy partner with whom to overcome the challenges of the 21st century.


Click-Shot creative studio is facing up to the future. We believe that the constructive transformation of the business through the symbiosis of digital and creative solutions will lead to optimal results in the brand communication for every single client of ours. We are ready to collaborate towards achieving an ideal balance in the process of spreading your brand messages. We continuously keep track of, analyse and implement in our work the new advertising trends, new advertising models and tools. We breathe in life into every single idea and transform it in a clear manner applying our knowledge, experience and imagination. We can be just as bold as uncomplicated… just as ostentatious as exquisite. We don’t just work with passion – we entirely devote our awareness and emotions to our cause.


Click-Shot creative studio has set up the following objectives:

    • The development of high-quality products that take into consideration the individual requirements of our clients;
    • High-precision service, short deadlines and maximal advertising effectiveness;
    • Building up a long-term partnership, accurate and loyal relations to all clients;
    • Constant development, superstructing it with knowledge and skills with the aim of increasing the quality level of our products and services;
    • Delivering to the clients unique advertising solutions where quality and price go hand in hand;
    • Inspiring and motivating the clients to develop their own potential; encouraging them to use new, practical and profitable solutions;
    • Creating approaches that differentiate from the competitors and assist with the rapid popularising of the market;
    • Removing the borders and deleting the imposed stereotypes.

Оwner of a chain of restaurants & nightclubs Cheers Ltd.

We have been working with Marchella Ivanova for three years now during which time she has proven to be a reliable and growing employee to whom we have assigned the entire advertising work of 6 establishments belonging to our chain. We are exceptionally pleased with her skills in the fields of graphic design, digital marketing, photography and video recording. Creativity, high quality services, patience, consistence combined with a friendly attitude, prompt responses and reactions, valuable tips and excellent organizational qualities leading to visible results.

Georgi Kirov

Neitropia - Alternative & Complementary & Internal Medicine Clinic

I cordially thank Marchella Ivanova for perfectly carrying out my studio photo session on the Business Portrait topic and for the express development and printing out of the shots. I admire the patience, professionalism, excellent client service and precision she has demonstrated. Recommended!

Dr. Eliya Kostova

Event Organization Company & Tour Agency - “Event Academy”

Thank you on behalf of our entire team for the high-quality graphic online development and the printed materials for the advertising campaigns of two large-scale music festivals organized by our agency. It was a pleasure to see our ideas carried out with precision and creativity. We continue working together on the advertisement and development of forthcoming events taking place domestically and abroad.

Petar Stoichkov

Online store for mobile phone accessories “CaseFlora”

I am thrilled by the professionalism of Marchella Ivanova and her team! My order comprised the development of design for mobile phone cases. I was surprised by how well they understood my ideas because the end versions fully took into consideration my requirements about the overall vision. The outcome of our mutual work is a terrific product and we will continue working together to develop it further.

Ilian Andreev

„Jordan Real Estate Agency”

Innovative and creative young people working with zeal and enthusiasm. Communicating with them is easy, the quality of their services is at a very high level, they meet the deadlines and work at good prices. In the future, we will surely continue to entrust them with the development of advertising materials and real estate interior photography. Keep up the excellent work!

Georgi Hristov

Children's Football Academy „Сhampions“

I thank Marchella Ivanova for the professional photo and video recording of the sports events taking place in my football academy as well as for the marvellously produced advertising flyers and posters. I was pleasantly surprised by the helpfulness and correctness while carrying out the engagements she assumed. Good luck!

Petar Krastev

Club “Gatsby Lounge & Dance

We have been working with Marchella for already a year now regarding the development of web advertisements, printed materials as well as the administration of business profiles in social networks. The communication with her is light and pleasant, she always takes matters to heart and manages to give valuable ideas that we never suspected about. You will never regret trusting her.

Nikola Bachvarov

Online store “PM Wooden Sungasses”

The Click Shot team is serious-minded, sensible and composed of specialists in their field. They are ready to assist and suggest ideas. They never fail to respond to all issues and problems I have. They are correct and collaborate with qualified opinion and tips to me how to improve my business and my work. They won my trust and together we found the best solution for my business. I wish lots of success to this enthusiastic team and I would certainly use their services again.

Radoslav Monev

Event agency “Ez Life Pool Party”

Many thanks to the Click-Shot team and in particular to Marchella Ivanova for the professional photography of events we organise and for the timely delivery of the photo materials. We recommend her photography services to everyone who appreciates high quality and requires immaculate presentation of their business. For us, it is a pleasure working together!

Victor Markov